The Princess Influencer: A Fable of the AI Future

I recently had a great time making my first narrative video using images generated in Midjourney. Midjourney has the potential to democratize the world of comics and comic-style videos by empowering those with good imaginations but limited artistic skills.

There are a few limitations in the current version I hope will be addressed. The biggest problem I faced was the need for the means to create a character and maintain its features and body across multiple images. For this video, I had to embrace the weird and treat each image as a standalone without worrying too much about continuity.

The story is a tongue-in-cheek parody of influencer culture. It imagines a future where AI avatars arise to threaten human influencers’ fame. Any resemblance of Princess “K” to anyone living or dead, is purely intentional. The story outline was created with ChatGPT. The voiceover was created with, another AI tool.

One response to “The Princess Influencer: A Fable of the AI Future”

  1. Prince K is in love with your hiding brother.

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