Embracing the Weird

When people think of AI-generated images, “weird” is one of the first words that come to mind. That’s not a bad thing. As a matter of fact, the weirdness is what I love best. Not just the deliberately odd combinations of styles, characters, and periods. But the unexpected bizzaro strangeness of unforeseen results.

The best AI-generate images slice through the endless stream of genre-boxed images from digital artists who contstrain their work into aesthetically branded boxes. Ideas are the overarching drivers of GenAi art, realized through emergent dreams from the black box unconscious of a digital mind. The resulting works transcends genre, seamlessly mashing up thousands of years of art history into a new Gestalt. 

Let’s enjoy the weirdness while we can. As the technology matures, prompts will be more accurately translated into detailed images. Problems with tricky items such as hands and faces will be solved. And the Sims-like portrayal of nonsense words will mirror actual language. I have mixed emotions about a more bland and practical future. But I look forward to the next surprising leap ahead.

Embracing the Weird

Images created with Midjourney.

One response to “Embracing the Weird”

  1. […] character and maintain its features and body across multiple images. For this video, I had to embrace the weird and treat each image as a standalone without worrying too much about […]

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